Wearing: Factorie peasant top, 2nd hand skirt 

Hey guys,
What a week! Usually this statement is followed by a rant of how busy they are, but on the contrary, I have had a very cruisey week. I am so happy that it is the last week of school and after that I have 6 weeks of summer holidays. I have had a great week so far, and only better things planned ahead, from secret Santa to a water park reward day.
Taking these photos was quite a struggle to say the least. We had to take photos despite the mini tornadoes following us everywhere we went and the drunk man wondering up and down the street, what a treat.

I am very happy to say that it is only 9 DAYS UNTIL CHRISTMAS!!! I am so very immature when it comes to Christmas, as in I have watched 50+ Christmas hauls and have been to excited for Christmas and forgot to go Christmas shopping, so once again I am leaving it to the last minute to go shopping. I have actually been being productive though. I have 2 Christmas collabs lined up for you guys in the very near future, so get excited because they are coming your way!

Lots of love,
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