Sunkissed Soul, my canvas.
Words, my paint.
You, my inspiration.

Welcome, and thank you.
Thank you for existing and for finding your way to this tiny little space of ours.
Your beautiful soul has inspired me to share the flow of energy and release of emotion we call writing. As my fingertips run across the keyboard my heart tells me which key to press and through this flow of energy words are created. Sentences form, although not always making sense, authentic, true sentences form. My divine feminine energy has led me here.
A little whisper in my head told me to stop Beauty Spot and start a new blog more true to who I am, who I have become and what I want to manifest into this world. I chose not to ignore this whisper any longer and instead take the leap. So here we are.

My name is Hannah Marie and I am here to embody sunlight and spread light through this space. My purpose is to love unconditionally, be free, take care of our mother earth, inspire and heal. Through Sunkissed Soul I hope to achieve this.

From my heart to yours,
Thank you and I love you.

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