broken dolls.


She looks in the mirror but what she sees is not herself
A distorted reflection of what society deems beautiful
A faded image of her divine femininity
Her skin as fake as her smile
She wants to see herself but is scared of what others might say
Instead she covers her face with a mask
Hides how she feels, holds back her emotions
Afraid her feelings will be ignored, she ignores them first
Everyday enduring the negative self-talk and the abuse
Not appreciating how truly beautiful she is
Not recognizing the divinity that lies within her
Like a broken doll, she sits pretty and unconscious
Unwoken to the world around her and the world within herself
She pulls herself apart and tears herself down just to fit in
Through fear and self hatred she forgot to recognize the incredible body keeping her alive
Scared what other will think or the judgement she might get
But what she doesn't realise is no one else's opinion on herself is valid but hers
Society puts expectations to look certain ways and act in a certain manner
That's just because so many people have been conditioned by external forces
Told what's right, wrong, good and bad
Don't let societies mistakes shape you or prevent you from loving yourself
Self love and self expression is your right as a human being
Do not break yourself to fit into a broken society

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