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Hey guys,
For this edition of The Lovely Bookshelf I will be reviewing Amazing Face by Zoe Foster. This book is full of (as Zoe puts it) "clever beauty tricks, should-own products and spectacularly useful how-to-do-its". Not only did I enjoy reading this at the time, but I regularly refer back to it for advice.

Every once in a while I will be feeling uninspired makeup wise and I need some help, that's when I will pick up this book. It instantly reminds me of the perfect eye-shadow shade, or lipstick colour. I love the design of this book as well, it is so pretty and every page is so unique; you can see a lot of effort went into the design, and for me, that's a winner.

This book was one of a few things that inspired me to start my blog. At first I wanted a beauty blog (as you can see changed my mind) and this book helped me to learn what I needed to start one. I read up about all the best ways to care for your skin, what the best brush techniques were, what colour eye-shadow would suit my eye colour and a whole lot more.

This book is defiantly an excellent read and I highly recommend giving this a look. I hope you enjoyed this review and as always, let me know in the comments some good reads.

Also a quick shout out to Charlotte, I really appreciated the DM you sent me xx

Lots of love, 
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