Nannup Music Festival


Hey guys,

So last weekend Nancy, her family, a few friends and I drove a very long way to the annual Nannup Music Festival. It is a festival packed with amazing artists and creators performing folk music, moody pop, rock n roll and various other styles of music. There were people playing so many different types of instruments from drums to harmonicas. I have honestly never seen so many banjo players in one place, it was so cool. It was such a great experience and we both had so much fun. While I was there we didn't get too many pictures as we tried to limit our electronic use and focus on the moment. But we did manage to snap a few including an outfit post we took down by a gorgeous little stream away from all the festival-goers.
I hope you guys enjoy and let me know what festival fun you guys had this festival season!
Stay tuned for a festival playlist coming soon.

Lots of love,
 photo af57004b-cd03-41a1-8b90-da1976e70263_zps1eb1u5la.jpg

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