4 Books Every Blogger Must Read


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Blogging can be hard work at times and sometimes you need a little guidance. If you're a new blogger, first you need to learn how to start a blog. If you have been blogging for a while you might just need a little guidance or a helping hand. This is where books can come in use; so I've put together a collection of 4 essential books you must read to boost your blogging game.

1. The Badass Blog Planner 

By Sarah Morgan

This book is great for organization and a must-have to stay on top of your posts. It is a one year planner and the one place you can keep all of your notes and ideas to help you create a year of amazing content. It is a guide to creating and defining your content and overall blog.
Read more about the book on Sarah's blog: XO Sarah
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2. 365 Blog Topic Ideas

By Dana Fox

I know how it feels to be stuck for ideas, trust me. With the help of this book however, you will never be stuck again. This book is made for lifestyle bloggers, but with a few alterations it can easily be used for a variety of niches. 

Read more about the book on Dana's blog: The Wonder Forest
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3. The Ultimate Blogger To-Do List

By Dana Fox

This book really stands out to me. I haven't read it personally, but I have read many, many reviews and I am extremely impressed and very excited to read it. It is a book full of reminders and tasks to help you improve your blog.
Read more about the book on Dana's blog: The Wonder Forest
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4. How I Made $40k My First Year Of Blogging

By Chelsea Lords

This is a must have for all first-time bloggers. It explores Chelsea Lords's experiences during her first year of blogging and not only how she grew her readership but how she made $40k. Blogging can be difficult, like I've said many times before. However Chelsea Lords helps you to maintain, run and monetize your blog with this easy-to-understand guide. 

Read more about the book or buy it on Chelsea's blog: Chelsea's Messy Apron

Let me know in the comments any good blogging books you've read or if you have read these and what you thought. Also check out my Disqus chat Blogging 101 to join in the conversation.

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**Disclaimer- I have not read these books so I am only commenting on what I have read from reviews, articles etc. 

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