Margaret River Trip


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From Saturday to Thursday I went to Margaret River to a little cottage in the bush. It was a secluded wonderland. Emus walking down the driveway, kangaroos jumping everywhere you turn, it was truly magical. We had so many adventures including windy beach runs, long walks, and freezing cold swims.

Cape to Cape is a 135km walk from Dunsborough to Augusta. It has both bush and coastal scenery and 100% worth the struggle. I only walked 10km and I can't really put it into words how beautiful it was but I'll have a crack at it.

As you roll up in your 4–wheel drive, you stop on the edge of a bushy wonderland. The gravel walkway soon comes to a finish and you are left with a small path created by adventurers before you. As you walk down steps a floral oasis appears, a river invaded by arum lilies as far as the eye can see. Slowly but surely the bush path starts to disappear and your feet start to sink into the white sand. Suddenly the walking becomes more difficult and it is time to take your shoes off. The wind blows through your hair whilst the sand slips between your toes and the ocean crashes loudly against the rocks. It really is something you must see to believe.

The beaches were also absolutely mind-blowing - even when it was 10 degrees they were still amazing. I went swimming, (which was cold to say the least!), but I really enjoyed it! The photos only show a small portion of the trip’s beauty and how lovely it was, but despite that I hope you start to get a picture of how stunning it actually was.

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