All Flare Everything


Wearing: Cheep top, Myer Miss Shop jeans

Who else is enjoying these walls? Cause damn am I! They are just so fun and interesting to look at. Most of my recent outfits have been shot at a cool wall full of awesome art and poppin' colours. It's also been pretty awesome to drive around Perth scouring alleyways and backstreets to find the most amazing wall designs. Following in with the theme, this wall is nothing short of incredible! In fact this post features two artists work. A colourful design and a monochrome one. I just love the contrast of the together! 
I feel like only fellow bloggers will understand my weird obsession with walls, do you get me? 

Enough about... well... walls. Let's have a closer look at this outfit. I'm sure you would know by now that I LOVE the 70s. This obviously includes flares. Flared sleeves, jeans, even skirts. Anything with a 70s flare is always welcome in my closet. So, I went a little overboard with this outfit and wore a flared top and bottoms. But honestly, is there such thing as too much flare? I think not.

Poor me has to go back to studying for exams now :(  
I would definitely prefer being searching for cool photo walls right now but alas education calls...

Talk later,
 photo af57004b-cd03-41a1-8b90-da1976e70263_zps1eb1u5la.jpg

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