Wearing: Boohoo top, Forever New skirt, Novo heels

Hey lovelies,

This month has been so hectic, I talk more about it in this months newsletter (sign up here), but that's why I've been a total ghost this month. Anyway, I'm here now so lets talk about this outfit shall we...
I wasn't sure how I felt about this skirt, top combo but it's really growing on me. I would never have thought of pairing orange and baby pink together, but I actually quite like how the go. This top is from, yep you guessed it, Boohoo haha. Once again another gem from this amazing site.

Before I go, I want to leave you with a wonderful quote from an article I read by Maya Singer for Vogue about feminism in fashion:
"We all have bodies; we all wear clothes; we all have reflections that vex us; we all exist in dynamic relationship to our communities, and fashion is a medium for testing or strengthening those bonds. It's a vehicle for self-expression, and, anyone who diminishes the significance of that is carrying water for the patriarchy, deferring reflexively to those thousands of years of human history when men got to decide what was frivolous or not. You know what's frivolous? Fantasy football. Fashion is a multibillion-dollar industry that touches craft, identity, dreams, and art." 

Have a wonderful weekend,
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