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Wearing: Universal Store top, Vintage jeans from Camel Valley Collective, Thrifted jacket, Nike Air Force

Hey my lovelies,

I have some very exciting news to share!!
So you have probably noticed that I have been quite quiet on the blog and I want to explain. Fashion and beauty used to be my absolute passion and I would just love exploring the city to find cute walls to take outfit pics or taking progress shots of a makeup look. However, recently I have lost interest in many of these things and as wonderful as they are I just aren't as excited by them anymore. This isn't a bad thing though!
Instead, my entire body is just so full of love right now for nature, travelling and looking further into myself and the universe as a whole. I am so excited to explore topics that I am super passionate about such as self-love and self-acceptance, mother earth, my beliefs and the beauty that the earth and all humans hold.
I have made quite a big decision as to the next chapter of my blog. I am going to be completely rebranding. That means a new name, logo, social media names and new themes/content.
I am so so excited and happy to take this next step with you and create a blog that is organic where I can be transparent and completely open with you guys. I want it to be a place that sends love and positivity into the world and the lives of all you beautiful readers.

So thank you for all the love and support you have shown me on my blog these past three years and I am so excited to take you guys with me on this next chapter and I really hope you are going to enjoy the new content.
I guess you could say it is in some way the end of an era. After just over 3 years of Beauty Spot it is time to say goodbye and move on. I am so grateful for everything Beauty Spot has done for me and am excited to share more of my 'new' and 'true' self with you soon.

I love and appreciate you all so much
All my love,
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  1. Wow Hannah, that’s a very exciting change - I look forward to following your next blog!



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