Hello, New Year


Hey guys,
HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you guys have had a wonderful 2015. I can't thank you enough for all the support this year in my first year of blogging. You guys have been more amazing than I ever could have imagined, I hope to have an even better 2016. 

This dress is honestly PERFECT for everything!!! If I could wear it everyday I definitely would. It is loose, yet form fitting, khaki, so the perfect colour (monochrome with a hint of colour), not-to-high neck, very affordable, and all-in-all the perfect wardrobe addition.

I hope you guys have had a great year and enjoy your new year. For New Years I went to Albany with my family, Grace and Jacinta. It was so much fun and the beaches were beautiful, I also went on a Segway which was so fun (and surprisingly easy)! I won't post another Albany post because I have already showed you guys in an older post (here). I will however be posting a lot of photos on Instagram if you want to see more, my username is @h_beauty_spot or just click here

Best of luck for 2016,
Lots of love,
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