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I have come to you guys this wonderful summers day with another review for The Lovely Bookshelf. Today I will be reviewing Tanya Burr's Love, Tanya. I read this a while ago and thoroughly enjoyed it so I thought I would share my opinion with you.

Tanya Burr, for those who don't know, is a well known YouTuber and Vlogger. She has well over 3 million subscribers and has a forever-growing fan base. She uploads makeup tutorials, baking videos, GRWM's, hauls, vlogs and more. Tanya Burr has also released a cosmetic range and there have been rumors of an upcoming fashion line. Now that you guys know a bit more about the author lets get into the book. 

Love, Tanya is a great read for people interested in YouTube or Tanya Burr herself. Along with tips and tricks, Love, Tanya is also a biography on Tanya Burr, showing you her journey from childhood to fame. It highlights important aspects of anyone's life, such as love, friendship, happiness and confidence. I think that by focusing on more than just fashion and beauty this book really stands out from countless other YouTube's books. 

I hope you enjoyed reading my second book review for The Lovely Bookshelf. If you guys have any books you would like me to review or even just read please comment them below. Check out my first review of Style here

Lots of love,
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  1. Great post and a good book is if your into zombie girly things a great book is THROUGH THE ZOMBIE GLASS by Gena Showalter awesome job at this blog I love it xx :)shanay



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