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In Blogging 101 today I will teach you how to layout a post; what you need to include and where to place it. No matter what niche you blog about, the layout of a post is usually similar. Although, some blogs do differ, I will just show you how I, and many other bloggers, set out their posts.


In Blogger it automatically places the title at the top of the page, but I think that on other platforms you can place an image above the title if you choose to. Having the title above the rest of the post draws immediate attention to what the post is about. I think it's safe to say that it is very important to have your title top and centre. It's also good to have your title bold and in a bright colour.

Cover Image

It's vital to have a cover image because this is the first thing people see, and first impressions are important. Your cover image should either be very visually explanatory or have words (but remember, short and sweet!). A cover image that explains what the post is about is very shareable, especially for Pinterest because little to no reading is required to know if you're actually interested in reading the post or article. 

Written Body

The written body is the actual post, quite self-explanatory really. In the witten body try to use headings and subheadings to make it easy to read. The written body should go with the cover image and be on topic. And remember 'quality over quantity'.

Visual Content

Images and other visual content is very important in boosting the quality of the post and attracting views. If a post is visually appealing people are more likely to read it. The more images the better, because in reality people can't be bothered to read big, long, boring paragraphs, they would prefer to look at a graph or an image.


Personally I think it is crucial to hyperlink as much as possible in a post. You can link to past posts or link products to where you can purchase them. The possibilities of linking are endless. The most important thing to link however, is previous posts of yours. This keeps readers on your blog for longer and helps them immerse themselves further into your blog. 

I hope this helped and don't forget to join the discussion over on Disqus to share your thoughts, I will try to put up a new discussion every week or so.

Lots of love,
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