Mean Girls


Wearing: Jay Jays jeans, Adidas Superstars, Cheep top, Cheep necklace

Hey guys,

I finally had time to take outfit pics for the blog!! I'm so sorry it has been so long, but I really like these pictures and I hope you do too. I also have a little Photoshop action going on in some of them. Anyway, I have been posting more beauty related things recently and I am really enjoying that so I think I will continue.

This top is so cute and it has, in my opinion, the best movie reference of all time (along with "you can't sit with us") - "On Wednesdays we wear pink" (Mean Girls). The top itself is super comfy, fits perfectly (which is good for a 'one size fits all') and is really soft. I got it from a massive Cheep sale. If you don't know what Cheep is, it is a really quirky, super cute discount boutique and I recommend you check it out - These jeans are my sisters and to my surprise they fit me, and are very comfortable. Hopefully you will be seeing more of them on the blog.

Lots of love,
 photo af57004b-cd03-41a1-8b90-da1976e70263_zps1eb1u5la.jpg

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