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Jackie Prazmowski from Jackieepee is not like your average beach babe. Jackie adventures all around the globe looking for the next best place to hit the waves and take some awesome snaps while she's at it. Her killer bod' and lovely locks make this girl totally worth a follow to see her amazing, beachy adventures! Her blog consists of travel, fashion, lifestyle and beauty and is the perfect place to soak up your daily intake of #travelgoals!

1. What is your best advice for newbie bloggers?Just be yourself, stay consistent and most of all have fun with it. Don't let it stress you out.

2. What is your must have hair product to achieve such gorgeous hair like yours?For the longest time I had such dry and damaged hair. I've pretty much tried everything out there but the one thing that really helped me was virgin coconut oil - it works wonders for me, I've stuck to ever since.

3. Where is the best place you have been on your travels? Mexico - I'm a sucker for mojitos and incredible beaches

4. Why did you decide to start your blog?The main reason why I started was because when I moved to Australia from Canada so I had a lot of people from back home asking me about my experiences with the move.I figured it would be convenient to share my adventures/challenges/advice all in one place instead of answering the same questions over and over again.

5. What camera and equipment do you use on your travels?My canon 70D and my iPhone.

6. What is the best experience/opportunity you have had as a blogger?To travel to Thailand. I had the pleasure to stay at some of the most incredible hotels i have ever seen. It was definitely a trip of a lifetime and a destination I'll have to visit again (hopefully soon).

7. How do you cope with hate and negativity online?I don't take it personally and ignore it, 99.9% of the time it's people who you haven't even met before. 

8. What are your career goals in life?Currently i work in the creative industries as a national marketing coordinator. In the future I hands down see myself doing something creative, just not sure what that is yet :)

9. What is the most challenging part of constantly sharing your life online?Feeling like you HAVE to share everything. Tbh theres some days where i go without posting for a couple of days and people will actually write me and asking if I'm alright as if something happened. You have to learn that social media gives you the power to curate your own content whenever and however you like and if you don't feel like sharing you don't have to.

10. How has blogging helped to build your confidence?I used to be scared of being judged, but once you start blogging you literally put yourself out there for the whole world to see and you learn to deal with everything that comes with it.

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