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Hey guys,

So school went back yesterday and, well, what can I say... it's school. In a way I am happy to be back so I can see all my friends and get back into a good routine (also I have really nice teachers), but on the other hand there's school work and homework. But, I can't do anything about it so let's just enjoy it!

In other news, these photos were taken whilst we were out shopping in the city and we found this rad alleyway. It always makes me so happy when I spot a cool-ass wall, so this was awesome. While on this shopping trip I picked up an adorable denim pinafore dress, ya know, like overalls but a skirt. Anyway photos of that are coming soon. I also got a few more goodies so, you know the drill, stay tuned to see what I got!

This top and skirt set is from Boohoo and is so super awesome. I got so many compliments when I wore this, which was honestly the best feeling. Also this bag is a Vendula London design. I have only recently discovered this brand which designs and makes unique, quirky and outgoing bags. What a fab concept!

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Well that's it from me, better hit the gym now!

Much love,
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