For the past three days I have been in Fremantle with some of my favourite people, Dharma, Nancy, Grace and Rachael. We stayed in the cutest little AirBnB right by the beach. It was 35+ degrees each day so I don't think I would have survived if I wasn't so close to the beach. We took so many photos that I will be posting to my Instagram account, so definitely go check that out for more.

We went to the beach everyday, and enjoyed every minute of it. We also went to Escape The Room. It is basically when you are locked in a room and must find clues to unlock other clues with the main goal of escaping the room in one and a half hours. We also did a night tour at a Prison. That was quite confronting during some parts but mostly very scary, and interesting.

We also shot 4 outfit posts, FOUR! I can't wait to show you guys the photos so keep a lookout on the blog for them. Also while you're at it I thought I would just remind you guys that if you haven't already signed up to receive my free ebook, you should do so now. That also means you will receive monthly newsletters and post notifications. (Sign up at the bottom of this post).

Overall it was such a fun holiday and a great way to end the school holidays. It was also so great to catch up with all my lovely friends at once. School is starting Wednesday so wish me luck, lets hope this year goes well.

Lotsa love,
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  1. Escape the room is something I really want to try! I love the photos btw👍



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