Sun Dress in Winter


Hey lovelies,

It finally stopped raining for 5 seconds so I could snap some pictures for you guys. This beautiful dress I wore is from Minkpink and I got it on sale for, sit down for this.... $20!!!! It is usually $104 so this was the ultimate bargain. I mean look at just how pretty it is!
Before we took these pics I went to the markets and bought some gorgeous flowers. Having flowers in my room and around the house honestly makes winter feel so much happier and less gloomy. Not that I don't love dark stormy days, because I do!

Anyways, I have some exciting new things coming soon so keep your eyes peeled and I'll let you know soon.

Love always,
 photo af57004b-cd03-41a1-8b90-da1976e70263_zps1eb1u5la.jpg

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