Gorgeous in Gingham


Wearing: Romwe Gingham crop set, Truffle Collection heels

Hi beautiful people,
Has it been a while or what! I'm so sorry I've been absent from the blog recently. But not to worry, with the arrival of my new camera (...yes you heard that right, I finally got my baby Nikon D3300!!!!) I will be taking heaps more photos. I also have quite a few exciting collaborations coming up.

Just going back a bit, I really quickly want to talk about how incredibly amazing this camera is.
The Nikon D3300 is the perfect beginners camera with all the amazing features of a professional camera. As you can see by these photos, the quality is absolutely wonderful, a strong 10/10. Just in case anyone is interested, I am using this camera with a Nikon AF-S DX Nikkor 55-200mm lense which has autofocus and zoom.

On another note, I am on the gingham bandwagon and boy am I happy about it! This adorable pattern is so cute especially when ruffles are involved like with this crop set from Romwe. And to then go and make this outfit even more perfect (I know right, is that even possible? well yes...) I added these stunning platform heels from Truffle Collection. The detail on the heel of these shoes is just so beautiful and definetly worth a mention.

Lots of love,
 photo af57004b-cd03-41a1-8b90-da1976e70263_zps1eb1u5la.jpg

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