Singapore For First Timers- Eat, Drink, See, Do


Hi guys,

After my recent trip to the beautiful city of Singapore, I have decided to make a post that I wish I had for my trip to help me plan and make sure I do everything that Singapore has to offer... and trust me, there is a lot of it.

There is so much in fact that I have divided them into 4 categories: eat, drink, see, do. These categories will help to give you a little bit of everything in Singapore from the best place to try the famous Singapore Sling, to the best adventure parks for the whole family.

Singapore may be known for being an incredibly expensive place to live, but there are certainly many ways to discover and explore Singapore's full potential whilst still on a budget. That's why in this post I have combined things that are a little more costly with cheap or even free things anyone can do or see.


Food Centres or Hawker Centres are the absolute best places to get a cheap, quality feed. The stalls you find there are run by people who often only make one or a few things, but trust me, they make those things very, very well. So if the standard of the food alone isn't convincing you, the prices are crazy cheap. You can get a whole meal for anywhere from $1-$12, isn't that just awesome!

Another one of my favourite places to eat is a bit of a Lonely Planet celebrity when it comes to where to eat in Singapore: Momma Kongs. It is a small, hip restaurant in Chinatown that is famous for it's Chilli Crab and according to Lonely Planet (and myself) you have to try it out.


There is one very specific place you must buy a very specific drink when you visit Singapore. That place? The Raffles Hotel. The drink? A Singapore Sling. This iconic drink was created at the long bar at the Raffles Hotel and since has become the signature drink of Singapore and a must try for all who visit Singapore.


Where do I even start! There is so much to see in Singapore. So many incredible temples, markets, architecture, you name it, Singapore has it. The first place I highly suggest you visit is the ArtScience Museum. It is a place where art and science form to create a truly wonderful experience.

Madam Tussauds
is another place you must see and is also a museum, however a different kind of museum. Madam Tussauds is a wax museum located on Sentosa Island full of life-like celebrities, sports stars, royalty and more.

Another must-see attraction in Singapore is the iconic Gardens by the Bay. It is an extraordinary garden created with Supertrees which are man-made structures created to resemble trees but with incredible lights and colours. At night the trees light up for an out of this world light show that you must experience with your own eyes to believe. Within the Gardens they also have two domes, the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest, both a must-do whilst there.

One of my favourite places for outfit photos in particular is Little India. Just like many other bloggers who visit Singapore I found myself overwhelmed with photo opportunities, specifically, colourful walls! Indian culture is full of colour and life so it makes sense that Little India is so vibrant. Even if you're not a blogger Little India is still an incredibly beautiful, vibrant, lively place and a place you must visit when in Singapore. One other thing that is a huge selling point in Little India is that you can get henna done there cheaply by incredibly talented people.

Chinatown is yet again another area of Singapore that celebrates a specific culture, Chinese culture. It is such a gorgeous place and is widely known for its food, however still has so many more wonderful areas to check out. If you are looking for cheap but beautiful souvenirs to take home for the family then I definitely suggest starting your search in Chinatown. 


This place is really the ultimate day out for the whole family: Universal Studios! It is a magical place where movies come to life in shows, rides and activities as well as characters from your favourite films walking around for you to meet. There are a lot of things to do at Universal Studios with many worlds to discover including Hollywood, New York, The Lost World, and Madagascar. Some of my favourite rides (and ones I highly suggest you check out) are Transformers: The Ride, Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure, and Shrek 4-D Adventure.

The Duck and Hippo Tours is a company that takes you around the city both on land and in the water and talks to you about all the sights of Singapore. It is very informative and the perfect way to get acquainted with the city and learn more about it.

The Botanical Gardens were truly beautiful, like something out of a dream. From an entire area dedicated to orchards to stunning walking and cycling paths. This huge area of land has something for everyone even if gardening isn't your greatest interest (including a gift shop for all you fellow shop-a-holics).

I hope that you now feel prepared for your trip to Singapore or are about to plan a trip because it really is a breath-taking city with a little something  a lot of something for everyone.

Have fun travel bugs,
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