Exercises Better Than Sit-Ups to Really Work Your Core


When it comes to your health, your physical health is just as important as your mental health. And loving your body and yourself is also super important for your mental health. One perfect way to help you feel more confident and healthy is to exercise. There are so many ways to do this, running, hiking, swimming, yoga, and my personal favourite, the gym. This is why I will be showing you 4 of my favourite core workouts. The best part is all of these can be done at home!

Russian Twists

The medicine ball is optional however ensures the workout is extra difficult and works your core even harder. 
To do a Russian twist all you need to do is sit in a v-shape with your knees bent and twist your arms side to side moving only your core upwards:

Mermaid Crunches 

This isn't just a normal crunch, to do a mermaid crunch you have your legs up in the air on a 90 degree angle, straighten your legs if you can (I can't haha), and then reach for your toes keeping your back on the floor (like a normal crunch):

Sit-Up Crunch Combo

This one is done by very simply doing a sit up then a crunch. Remember to keep your back straight for the sit up and your back on the floor for the crunch: 

Forearm to Hand Planks

This again is a combo, like the sit up crunch combo, however unlike that one, this is done without a break in between exercises. What I mean is that instead of going up into hand plank, back down, then up into forearm plank, you continuously go straight from hand plank down into forearm plank:

And voila! These are just a few of my favourite core workouts that are so much more effective (in my opinion) than sit ups. Also, they are more fun, because it's always nice to switch up your routine sometimes.

Work hard,
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