magic of crying.


People are so closed off and afraid of feeling things.
To cry is relief and sense of release.
I feel so human when I cry, because I know everything is temporary and the suffering I am feeling will end and when it does I will be stronger than before.
When I feel emotions I feel them so deeply and so intensely that when I am sad it can be hard to remind myself of its impermanence, but you can't cry forever.
So for me the tears are a release and when I stop crying, I can remember that things will get better.
Crying is also an expression of joy, excitement, and fulfillment, not just sadness.
Tears are incredibly powerful and are our bodies way of releasing emotions that have been repressed or bottled up for too long.
This sacred vessel we call our body is not capable of feeling, that is reserved for our souls.
The soul uses our bodies like a canvas, as a way of expressing our purest form of art, our emotions.
Saltwater rivers that flow down my cheeks when I lay alone in bed wishing for things to be different, or rain drops that trickle from my eyes when I see selfless generosity and love in this world.
Each my connection to my birthplace, the reason I cry.
The reason I am gifted with the ability to release my emotions in such a transcendent way.
The ocean.
Our mother allows us to cry beautifully.
You are a divine being and the water that pours out from inside you is nothing less than magical and an energy to be embraced and accepted, not bottled up and ashamed of. 
It's time to stop suppressing the ocean of emotions you are feeling and allow streams to run freely from your soul.

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