learn to listen
listen closely
listen with love
listen to the whispers
listen to the screams
you are being guided,
looked after

Ageless wisdom lingers in your bones.
The universe is constantly whispering the way.
Your intuition is your greatest tool
but before you can reap the benefits of your inner guide,
your intuition,
you must first learn to listen.

Our intuition is never silent, you simply need to learn to hear it. To do this you must first build a connection with it. There are so many practices you can do to strengthen your connection with your intuition but it all really comes down to one thing.
Simply sitting quietly, in nature, and being present. Be there, within yourself. 
Your intuition must not only be listened to, it must be heard.
Surrender to your natural flow and your intuition.
Learn to trust and accept it.
Trust that it will guide you, mysteriously and divinely.
Honour your intuition and embody your divinity.

To know without understanding.
To trust without reason.
To surrender.
To flow.
An intuitive energy surfaced within me.
Bubbled up and poured out.
I listen, follow, and am grateful

So, now, listen to the nothingness.
The silence.
Do you hear that?
Only yourself.
And your divine guide within. 

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