It's crazy how after so many years of floating through space
Drifting above your body, never quite connecting with it
Feeling as if your losing a part of yourself with each passing day
After being disconnected for so long, unaware, unconscious
You can wake up

Returning back to yourself isn't always a beautiful thing
In fact it's like ripping yourself open, making space for your return
It's painful, it's messy and it's freakin hard
But it's so worth it

Because in returning to yourself everything comes rushing back
Old patterns, habits, the good and the not so
The longer you spend in this painful area, returning
The more time you have to sift through all of this
Picking out the things that are true to you, beneficial and nourishing

Like the way you used to roll in the sand without a care in the world
Or the way you would sing in the car at the top of your lungs
The way you would laugh simply about laughing until your belly ached
All of this coming back to you
Until once again,
Your true self,
Your inner child,
Has returned back into your skin

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