In all the hardship and suffering, there must be a way out. Some small flicker of light. When you recognize this light you are able to latch onto it like a life source, as it gives you reason and purpose to push through the hard times.

This light source is strength, and to know the strength you will gain from holding on. Suffering should be seen as an initiation into strength and a catalyst for growth. It presents opportunities to become stronger then we ever thought possible. 

If you've ever thought of giving up or losing hope, just remember you will make it through this and come out stronger and with more wisdom and truth then you have ever encompassed before.
As a human you are strong enough. The universe has given you the strength to make it through this, in one way or another you are as powerful and as strong as you need to be.  

To be strong is to be sensitive and understanding. Nurture those in need and allow yourself to be nurtured. Too often sensitivity is perceived as a weakness when in fact it is our greatest strength as humans. To feel something, anything; empathy, compassion, love. We are taught from a young age to hold back our tears, keep our emotions to ourselves. But without releasing these feelings we can never grow.

Suffering is allowed by sensitivity, but so is growth and strength. They work together to form the divine being you are and that is truly incredible.

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