to love a writer.


to love a writer is a different kind of magic
the poets, the novelists, the love letterers
the ones who write letters that never get sent
and the ones who share their words with those who need it the most

be careful if you love a writer
her ball point pen quickly becoming a sword
stabbing hearts with its harsh words
untamed, uncontrollable, like the oceans crashing waves
her inner being, like nature, a force to be reckoned with

there's beauty in loving a writer
telling stories under a blanket of stars
she'll explore the very depths of you
softening your fear until it fades into emptiness
every adventure, a new story to her pen

a different breed of girl is a writer
she's corrupted herself from complacency
she's drowning in her own dreams
spilling her soul like ink
her heart broken long before it met your shaking hands

a writer will be anything but tame
she may hide behind her words
but once she finds her way into the light
you'll be blinded by her flames
for many, she's too much to swallow

you must expect the unexpected with a writer
dancing moments and goosebump skin
nights full with heartache and poetry
no new day ever like the one before it

a writer will open your wounds
she'll force you to see them, then kiss them better
taking pain and with a single kiss transforming it into art
writing lines like they're her heartbeat
the only thing keeping her alive

the past of a writer, an epic adventure
fairy tales of wild and dangerous girls
children of the earth, creators of creation
heartbreak and pain inevitably intertwined
the first story she will have ever written, her own 

to a writer, you are just a great love story waiting to be written
her heartbeat quickens at the thought of birthing poetry
nurturing into existence each and every chapter of your story
from the lazy sunday mornings spent in bed
to the hot summer nights spent skinny dipping in the ocean

inside a writer's soul is a place you can only imagine
every syllable she's ever written has sparked a match
so that every morning she can swallow the sun 
just to kiss it straight into your mouth when nightime rolls around
her lips, burning as they touch yours

a writer wears sunlight like lingerie and words like armour
she may appear weak but her strength is unimaginable to the human eye
soft and delicate to the touch
but when you dig deeper
she's fierce and strong and will no longer be suppressed

to love a writer...
that's a feat many only wish they could conquer

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