the sky seems to be bigger here.
infinite stretches of blue. layered with whispers and splotches of white clouds. 
expanding far out to the horizon, an uninterrupted canvas stretching for what appears to be endless lengths.

the air too, is fresher here.
that lingering smell of salt and seaweed wafting through and coating the town.
even with eyes closed, the beach never feels far away, as that fresh ocean smell drifts through the air.

the water here sparkles as rays of sunlight glisten and dance on the water's surface. 
I like to think this is the light fairies playing in the sunshine.

here, some days, time slows down, like the sun is draining the clocks of the energy to keep ticking.
what feels like hours in the sun is really only minutes.
other days, time flies past in a flash. a moment relaxing on the beach ends up swallowing the entire day.
the sunrises are later and the sunsets magical.
perfect beginnings and perfect endings to each perfect day.

as for me, my pale skin is quickly coated in caramel and drips in liquid gold.
the sun kisses my bare skin and feeds my soul.
for only a few, short days, here feels like home.

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