an itch in her heart.


She had a feeling in her heart.
An itch, the sort aching to be scratched.
As much as she tried to ignore it, it only grew stronger.
The desire to scratch it was so intense, it took all of her not to succumb to it. 
She was afraid of what would happen if she did.
She was scared of what might come leaking out.
But after time, the urge grew too strong and her, too weak.
She could no longer control herself.
With tears dripping from her eyes she began to scratch.
A wave of relief coupled with fear washed over her.
For how could something she feared so deeply feel so good.
But alas, what she had feared all along.
With each and every scratch, the barrier thinned.
The wall she had built around her heart was crumbling.
And she knew she was the cause.
Vulnerability began to pour out of the cracks.
What she had caged up so long ago was finally seeing the light of day.
Amongst the fear, she became acquainted with something else.
She had forgotten the sweetness of its touch.
Her mind had buried the softness of it's words.
This leaking vulnerability was conjuring up a power so profound.
A feeling so strong, fear was no match.
Before she knew it, she was clawing at her heart.
Desperately trying to release all of her love.
No longer afraid of it.
She had finally uncovered what was aching to be found.
What was yearning to be unearthed.
She had let go.
And surrendered to love. 

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