these are a few of my favourite things.


the almondy froth on top of my morning mochas. making a baby smile when the parents aren't looking. an empty canvas alive with possibilities. that layer of salt on your skin after an ocean swim. skinny dipping at dusk when the waters are dark and no ones around. wholesome foods that fill your belly and nourish your soul. words that spark a light within you. music that makes your soul dance. books that bring your mind alive with wonder. the sound of rain outside your window late afternoon. that early morning smell of dampness and cleaness after a night of storms. the way the paints move across the canvas with your brush. soft hair after a warm shower. morning stretches. cuddles. long conversations about life into the early hours of the morning. the smell of incense that lingers in the air. neck kisses. forehead kisses. good morning kisses. puppy kisses. the sunday farmers markets. thoughts filled with the gentleness of the moonlight. lingerie. playing and running around like a little kid again. watching the sunset. watching the sunrise. feeling the calmness as the sun dissolves into the horizon. the song of birds in the spring. jumping into piles of crunchy leaves as autumn rolls around. being completely consumed in a hug. buzzfeed unsolved marathons. my picnic basket. finding flowers growing in the most unlikely of places. looking up at the stars. driving down the highway at nighttime. finding a gift for someone you just know they'll love. walks in the rain. listening to people talk about things they love. the taste of their lips. seeing a new leaf begin to open. nicknames. playing card games in the boot of your car. witnessing random acts of kindness amongst strangers. crying when you just really really needed it. the moon. exploring depths of your mind through curiosity and knowledge. uncovering ancient wisdom from within long forgotten. that feeling you get deep within your bones that lets you know you're on the right path. rain drops glistening in the sunlight. bringing the wild women within to the surface through the power of dance. silky pajamas. writing until your hand aches. overcome with ideas that your mind moves too fast for your pen to keep up. finding a home in simply someone's presence. goodnight texts. snuggling up under duvets when it's cold. writing cards for the ones you love. capturing raw moments in time and freezing them in photographs. showing gratitude. flying above the clouds and seeing the veins of this earth below. airports. adventures. new places. discovering and learning about cultures and other people. the power a story can hold. my cowgirl boots. adorning myself in jewellery like the goddess i am. sneaky public displays of affection. poetry that stirs my soul. watering my plant babies and watching them grow. dogs. going on adventures to meet my moo friends. simply being in places untouched by human hands. connecting. spontaneous trips to the beach. catching the last bus of the night. the gentle nature in every animals eyes. witnessing my dreams become reality. feeling the power of my crystals. dressing up in my favourite clothes. writing love letters. chocolate covered strawberries. singing at the top of my lungs in the car with the windows down. long road trips. roads lined with trees that lean down and carry you through. back scratchies as i drift off to sleep. sunflowers. going through old photographs. waiting for your film to be developed to see what magic you captured. feeling humans come together to support one another. the childlike joy around the festive season. jumping into puddles when it is raining. spotting rainbows out the car window. butterflies. bees. being kind without expectation. game days with my angel friends. fruit salads. writing creative stories and making up new worlds. stumbling through this rollercoaster that is life with my best friends by my side. collecting flowers to make pretty bouquets. lying down in fields of flowers. holding hands. the anticipation of waiting for a package in the mail. naps. meditation that transports you out of your body. going to bed in fresh sheets. watching the flowers bloom on my walk home. dancing around my bedroom until i tire myself out. hearing people's dreams. learning their stories. the peacefulness only found in nature. watching someone you love sleep. covering my walls with art and love. the smell of a blown out candle. chippies. babies. laughter. smiles. love. in every form.

these are a few... or should i say a lot... of my favourite things.
ps. i hope you sung that last part. 

in a time of fear and panic and sadness i thought that maybe reminding myself of my favourite things would cheer me, and maybe even some of you, up. and you know what, it did! well for me anyway. in fact. i would highly recommend giving it a go. it feels like an ongoing process as i keep coming up with things i love and things that make me happy. but for now, this covers a fair bit of these things i think. 

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