to the girl i used to be.


to the girl i used to be...

you loved too much and gave your heart too quickly
to shaking hands and trembling souls
you cracked yourself open and emptied yourself dry
simply to fill other people up
you felt the weight of the world
and crumbled under its strength
you suppressed the lessons
and ignored the blessings
you doubted your intuition
and forgot all that you knew
your mind became deaf to your heart
and blind to your soul
you deprived your body of love
and of the nutrition it deserved
you lost more than weight
you lost yourself

you lost the innocent child that once resided
the part of yourself that would play and love
unconditionally and without reason
when simply being in the world was enough
when simply living was beauty in itself
you lost that part of yourself

but despite it all
you rose
from a pile of rubble
you got up
on aching legs
and a broken spirit
and rose higher than you ever could've imagined

you reignited the flame that burnt within your soul
you reawakened your inner child
the part of yourself that saw the world through a vale of love
through eyes that sparkled
like the sun on the water's surface
that saw butterflies as fairies hiding in plain sight
and animals as equal beings full of love

you remembered what it felt like to love
to feel your heart so full it could burst
to play and run and swim and dance and sing and create
you bought back all the parts of yourself you had forgotten
all the parts you left behind
and not only did you bring them back

you bloomed
you bloomed wildflowers from your scars
and love filled you like never before
all the things you loved about life
grew bigger and more beautiful than ever before
your voice was stronger, more confident
your soul soften and more gentle
your heart more full and overflowing
your eyes sparkled a little bit more
your cheeks, a tad more colour in them
you danced more freely then before
you loved fiercer, more deeply and with less fear
the world was becoming more and more beautiful
as you became more and more grateful
and you remembered, once again,
what falling in love felt like
you fell in love with yourself in a way you'd never experienced
you fell in love with others to a point beyond your wildest dreams
you, finally, fell back in love with being alive.

so to the girl i used to be...

thankyou for getting back up,
cause look at you now

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