2020. A year of love, adventure, friendship, fear, uncertainty, isolation, pain. Hope, community, growth and connection. A year like never before. My year began with big plans. Jetsetting the globe amongst the best of them. I made it to Vietnam, an experience forever engraved on my heart. But then the world slowed down. Uncertainty, fear, loss, panic swept the world. But from this time of terror blossomed a sense of community like I'd never seen before. A sense of unity. Communities came together, connection the forefront of this revolution. In such dark times I was lucky enough to be offered this light. Like many on the west coast I was only marginally impaired by this dark time. For me I saw the spark of community. Rainbows and teddy bears lined the streets. Families were forced to connect. Spending time outside became treasured, no longer taken for granted. Human interaction was now the most valuable of currencies and people were caring for one another. Many found time that they had lost in their fast paced lives. Hobbies were nurtured and passions ignited. I poured my heart into creating art to adorn the most beautiful canvases of all, the human body. The beach became a sanctuary, alone and with my sister. A place to be safely tucked away as the world around us retreated inside. And then as the months trickled on, our lives began to resemble 'normal' again. With an air of caution, the place I am lucky enough to call home, began to open up once again. We crept our way back into a sense of normality, freedom. Whilst it appeared slightly different to my original plans, travel was once again on the horizon. While it may not have been the globe I was exploring, I ventured deep within the land I call home. Up and down the west coast we explored, sleeping in the car, cooking under the stars. Showers were replaced with dips in the ocean and discovering hidden gems became a daily occurrence. I continued to stitch my wildest dreams into reality with an ever-growing community of support behind me.

My 12 years of schooling came to an end and I wrote the last few pages of that very long , beautiful and transformational chapter. We dresses up like princesses for the night and my favourite boy became my beau for the evening. So much love fills my heart as I think of the gorgeous pack I found during this chapter. Real life angels encompassing every aspect of my life. Giving me countless, belly-aching laughs, an entire novel worth of stories, memories to line my mind for a lifetime and a heart so full of love. And of course closing this chapter holding hands with the person who has my heart. Tears fill my eyes as I think of how lucky I am to have found this kind of love.
And just like that the curtain draws on what has been my life for the last 12 years. And with the end of that chapter opened the next. Surrounded by the people I love the most, I stepped into adulthood. The night was spent dancing, singing, and celebrating with my loves. And, just like most nights, I drifted off to sleep next to the one I love. But unlike most mornings, I woke up 18! And in the spirit of living this new chapter to its fullest we wasted no time setting off on our next adventure. Once again basking in all the wonders this land has to offer.
When I'm not off exploring this year consisted of working at a job I love, surrounded by angels I love, creating art I love, making love, or nurturing my inner child with small adventures and acts of self love. And whilst it's been one like no other, 2020 has been a year of adventure, gratitude, community, growth, endings, new beginnings, and most of all, so so so much love. And for all the lessons and the abundance of blessings, I am infinitely grateful. 

Here is a collection of that love: my year in pictures...

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