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Weaving my dreams into reality
With each stitch a vision creeps closer to the door of existence
Blossoming into art made to adorn the canvas most beautiful of all, the human body
Every creation is birthed through a labour of love
Energy, time, imagination and creativity come together to bloom life
And as each piece takes on a life of its own
A label is stitched across its spine to hold space for the name I've created
More than a name: a label, a brand
A true museum of my love is up for display
Showcasing every design and every creation
That made it far enough to be adored by your eyes
The label reads: Sunkissed the Label
A brand I begun sitting by the ocean's edge, inspired by the world around me
As the sun peeked through the winter clouds and kissed my skin
Sunkissed the Label was born.
If you haven't guessed yet, I am talking about my baby, my slow-fashion label, Sunkissed. A place I share my art with the world. Where I create handmade crochet clothing, custom made to order so that each piece is handcrafted perfectly for the beautiful human it was made for. A collection of summer pieces, winter cosies, year-round accessories and everything in between. Each piece begins as a vision and once it is released becomes a part of the collection that is Sunkissed the Label.
I have been so lucky this year to receive so much love and support for my new baby business and I am infinitely grateful for all the orders, all the likes, all the comments and any other ounce of support I've been shown.
If you feel called to do so, please pop on over and bask in this creative space with me. Pour yourself a cup of tea and stay a while. Each piece has so much love poured into it and my intention is there is something for everyone to feel special in. And if you can't quite find that perfect piece, come have a chat, custom orders are always welcome, I love helping to bring your very own visions to life.
But in the meantime, I'll be here.
Bringing my vision to life.
Creating a living dream in which I do what I love and share that love as far as I possibly can.
Thankyou for your support,
and I love you.
All of you x

If you would like to see more and stay up to date, here's my instagram @sunkissed_thelabel ... so much love to you all who feel called to join me on this journey and step into this creative space with me x

p.s there is also a tab at the top of this blog that takes you directly to the source of all this creativity, my shop!!

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