a nostalgic winter.


as I watch the weather roll in from a distance

grey blankets the sky and engulfed any light the sun has left

the distant rumble and grumble of an autumn storm approaching

and finally, comes the rain

as the clouds reach overhead, the rain follows

then comes the choir and light show

with this weather comes a bundle of pre loved and long forgotten treasures

blankets are dug out from the depth of cupboards

jumpers and long pants are retrieved from deep within the closets

as you wrap yourself up and rug yourself in warmth

you can't help but feel a sense of nostalgia

like it's been lifetimes since the cold was a main character in your story

like the long forgotten treasures, any notion other than the warm summer sun, had been lost in the crevices of your memory

and with the reawakening of the cold, gloomy, stormy nights

comes the remembrance

like the water that flows down a once quiet street and fills the creeks and rivers

the feelings come flooding back

the smell of jumpers worn for too long

and the feeling of a warm duvet pressing down against your body

fluffy socks against your toes

and the arms of your lover holding you tight


like a childhood memory

and with that reminiscence 

we welcome in the cooler months

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