love for my body.


my body has changed.

it's squishier, wobblier, bigger and softer.
it's also cuddlier, snugglier, and more to love.
I have rolls where I once had ribs showing.
I have stretch marks where I once only had scars.
I'm softer in places I fought to be toned.
and thicker in places I tried to keep thin.
now I nourish my body instead of depriving it.
I feel gratitude for food, rather then something to be punished for.
I move my body in ways that feel right.
I don't force myself to move out of guilt.
I am not guilty for eating.
I am not guilty for not working out.
I am gentler with myself.
I take care of my heart first.
my body is a vessel, not my worth.
I am more than a waistline and a thigh gap.
I am stronger than my toned stomach.
I no longer feel I need these things to feel worthy.
and I am more in love with my body than I've ever been.
I am more accepting than I ever thought possible.
I witness my changing form and welcome it's new faces with love and acceptance.
I hold myself in warmth and kind words.
I am comfortable in my skin.
times when I feel fit and toned and strong.
times when I feel thicker and chunkier.
each time I learn to love each form a little bit more.
in every shape and every muscle, in every roll and every stretch mark, more love is poured in.
for I am more in love with my body than I've ever been before.

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