Secret Park Series #1


Wearing: Supre T-shirt,Rivers ankle boots, Kmart jeans

Hey guys,
Another fun photo-shoot with Nancy at the park. We have this cute little hidden park up the road and its the perfect photo location. So Nancy and I walked up a huge hill that I live at the bottom of, and took some really cute photos at the park.
This outfit is one of my favourites at the moment. The top is a bit revealing but not too revealing, so I really like it. These jeans are definitely one of my main wardrobe staples at the moment. OMG! These boots guys, how gorgeous are these boots!!! These boots look super snazzy with some ankle-height frilly socks, and because of the cut outs you cant wear normal socks so fancy ones are defiantly the go.
Only a week of school to go, YAY! I can't wait for the holidays, for the first week we are going to Albany with my cousins. I am staying on a farm so not really look-book appropriate, but it will probably give me some great photo opportunities.

Lots of love

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