Secret Park Series #2


Wearing: Supre T-shirt, Kmart jeans, Rivers boots

Hey guys,
This is the second post for the Secret Park Series, I am hoping to continue this series later on. I had so much fun taking these photos, even though by the end of it my boots were all scuffed. But by the way these photos turned out I would say its worth it.
Don't you guys just LOVE my new blog template. It is so gorgeous and stylish, it looks so professional with the 'read more' and the social icons, ugh, I'm just in-love with it! Thank you so much to Pipdig for the awesome design.
Hooray! Its the holidays guys, 2 weeks of no school. As I told you guys in my last post I have a big weekend planned, as well has a huge holiday planned. This weekend I am taking photos hopefully today, then on Sunday I'm going to soccer presentations then a party. For a week I am going to Albany and will try and take heaps of gorgeous photos for you guys, including some farm animals hopefully. I'm going up to help with the farm and babysit my little cousins so I don't know if I will have heaps of time to take photos, post ect. 
I hope you guys all enjoy your holidays, let me know what your up to in the comments. 

Lots of love,

Photo cred: Nancy D.

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