Spring into Action


Wearing: Supre button down denim skirt, Rush handbags, Emerson Junior printed tee, black canvas shoes

Hey guys,

It finally feels like Spring, YAY. I am in love with this skirt from Supré. I found this online because I have a small obsession with online shopping at the moment. I am so happy that I can finally wear this handbag. Its been way to Winter-y to wear a bright yellow bag, but now its Spring this bag is just perfect. Anyway I hope you guys will try some online shopping and tell me what you think.

This photo-shoot was so fun, my best friend/photographer, Nancy and I went to the library and took some awesome pics. First we went to brunch, then got a take away coffee. We walked around the neighborhood looking for photo spots then we found this place and it was perfect. After playing on the spinney thing (such children) and feeling sick we finally took some photos. I am really happy with the new layout of my blog and the new signature. Hope you guys like it. Its Nancy's first time taking photos for my blog, so tell me what you think because she would love to hear it. Hope you guys have a great Spring!

Lots of love,

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