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Hey guys,

Happy New Years everyone, it is officially 2017!!!!!
2016 has been a crazy exciting year and I am so excited to see what 2017 holds. Before I talk about the future let's recap on some important things that happened this year: 
I released a FREE ebook (available upon subscription to my mailing list), I got a new template, I posted better content and photos, I got my own domain name, I collaborated with many brands and bloggers, and last, but certainly not least, my audience grew significantly. I wanted to thank you guys so much for all your incredible support this year, I could not be here without you. 
Now let's take a look at some stand out posts from the year:

2017 I'm sure will allow us to create many more memories and produce so many more posts that I love and you guys will too. I know that New Year's Resolutions tend to be abandoned pretty quickly but I have a few that I am going to stick to: go to the gym more, eat better and spend more time on my blog. These are very easy goals to accomplish and I believe that these are the sort of achievable goals we should be setting ourselves. So let me know in the comments what goals you have for 2017!

Best wishes for the New Year,
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