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Mel Gow is a blogger and the brains behind Vanilla Highlights Blog. She has a quirky style, adorable personality and an awesome outlook on life. Learn what Mel has to say on blogging, style and life in the interview below!

1. What is your best advice for newbie bloggers?

Don't hesitate to get out into the blogging world! Be creative when it comes to blog post ideas and be open to online friendships with other bloggers. It's all a great experience so just go for it!

2. What is your must have beauty product?

Is a beauty product tanning lotion?? Hahaha honestly I don't really use cosmetics but I do love lip scrubs, lip balm, lip gloss and lipstick! 

3. Who is your style icon and why? 
I haven't exactly got one style icon, my fashion style is very mixed. I love chic and preppy and 60s - 90s fashion so much!! A few people who's style I adore is Miranda Kerr, Alexa Chung and LIV Tyler in the 90s!


4. What advice would you give teenagers struggling in high school?
Make the most of the opportunities you are given. Don't worry about your peers that are rude because in a few years none of it will matter. High school should be a time to discover your passions! Don't allow anyone to pull you down because you're wonderful and can succeed!

5. What is the best experience/opportunity you have had as a blogger?
Collaborations with brands and other bloggers has honestly been an amazing opportunity! It's definitely very exciting when a company or blogger wants to work with me! Also chatting and meeting other inspiring and absolutely amazing bloggers. I've been able to talk to so many like minded people, there's so many awesome people in the world and luckily many of them are on social media!!
 "Don't allow anyone to pull you down because you're wonderful and can succeed!"
6. What process goes into creating the perfect outfit for a photoshoot?
When I choose an outfit for a photoshoot I try to stick to wearing clothing that I would actually wear and pair together. Colour combinations in clothing is definitely something I've been obsessed with lately, so I always keep that in mind. I also make sure the outfit is appropriate to where I am having the photoshoot, time and for my age of readers.

Outfit 3.

7. Where did you get the name for your blog?
My middle names are Verity Hope so I got the V H and played around with words for weeks. Vanilla is my favourite flavour/scent and Highlights is like the good things! Luckily this is my blogs second name because the first was just ew!

8. Besides from your blog, what are you most proud of?
Probably being vegan. I'm proud of myself for listening to my mind and of course my heart. I've always loved animals and knew about the mistreatment. It's still hard because so many people don't understand why vegans are vegan. But I feel so much better about my wellbeing now!

9. How has blogging helped to build your confidence?

I've had many highs and lows with confidence because of my blog. When I write a post that gets lots of positive feedback, I'm thrilled! And I get so many adorable messages daily about how I have helped people through my blog. But I've also had a few hard times with hate, one especially! I'm very lucky to have such caring followers who helped me through. 

10. What is your best advice for collaborating with brands and other bloggers?
Just get in touch with them! There's no need to be afraid to be the one to message first, not get a reply or get a no. Brands and bloggers usually love when someone wants to work with them! Make sure you only work with brands and bloggers that you actually enjoy their work. I've collaborated with so many brands that I thought I could only dream of. Plus it's super fun to write a post with a fellow blogger!

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