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Hey guys,

As the holiday season approaches and the hot weather begins to kick in it becomes time to bring out the swimwear and sun dresses. However, that doesn't mean you have to completely abandon the smart casual look all together, this outfit I'm wearing is the perfect way to combine style, comfort and business into one. The best part of this whole look is it can be easily recreated from pieces you already own or can get for under $10. I got this t shirt from the op shop for just $7 and all I did was readjust it a little so it was off the shoulder and tied it up. 

Now to move away from the outfit I just want to talk about how amazing the month of December is. Not only was it my birthday this week it is also the month of festivities, pool parties, end of school and, best of all, Christmas! 
I absolutely love Christmas and everything that comes with it from the music to the decorations in the shops. On that note I better get back to my Christmas shopping (my bank account is not happy about it haha).
Sending love,
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