Tango // Happy New Year


Holy Moly! Can you believe 2017 is over! I can't.
I know it is said every year, but seriously guys, this year has zoomed past. Like I remember sitting here writing last years New Years post like it was yesterday. Anyway though, no time to dwell on the past, as the new year arrives it's time to set new goals and get to work achieving them.

Now to talk about the outfit, this dress is so so flattering and stunning and reminds me of a dress those tango dancers would wear (hence the name of the post haha). The back of this dress has a cross over detail which I absolutely love! It just makes the whole dress that much more unique and interesting. Also, lets take a second to appreciate how hard it was to stand in the sand with these heels on to get these photos haha. I kept sinking in to the ground but honestly I think these photos were worth it haha.

So now for the last post of 2017, Happy New Year my lovelies. Thank you so much for all the support you've shown me, my blog and my Instagram this year. Now it's time to buckle down and really start to focus on my blog again (this is one of my main new year goals), so prepare to see even more content from me.
One final thing I want to share with you for the year is my Instagram's top nine most popular posts, you can find yours here too.

Sending so much love your way,
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