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Hey lovelies,

Just wanted to give you a quick update that yes, I am still alive haha. Sorry I have been so inactive on here recently, I have just been feeling so unmotivated lately. However, as it is finally the holidays you should expect to see more of me as I will be trying my hardest to really get inspired again and really get back into the whole blogging scene.

Speaking of the holidays I just want to quickly reflect on this year and how quickly it has gone. Can you believe there are only a few more weeks of 2017 left! I have officially finished year 9 and am heading for year 10 next year. I won't get into the whole school thing though as I don't want to put anyone asleep (including myself haha).

Let's quickly talk about this outfit shall we: It is from Boohoo as part of a little haul I got the other day (word of advise: don't shop when you're feeling low, you will break the bank haha). Like most things from Boohoo it is super soft and comfy material and can be worn everyday with ease and comfort. Recently I have been loving Boohoo, in fact I went a little overboard yesterday and just started adding things to cart and before I knew it I was buying everything from knitted dresses to vinyl skirts. On the plus side that means lots more cute outfit posts like this one.

Finally, I have spent the whole day at work and am now off to go watch the football so wherever you are I hope you're having an awesome day/night and check back here soon because I promise to be more on top of this whole blogging thing.

Much love,
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