Fuck always being positive
Fuck always being happy
I want truth
I want honesty
Saturated in truth, drowning in honesty.
Being aware of the emotions that entwine themselves within our consciousness, 

Being human doesn't just mean we get to experience external things, it means we also get to experience internal things. Emotions. And these emotions are so fucking beautiful. Just think about it. We have the ability to know instinctively when we are happy and our bodies physically cry tears to express certain emotions, now try to tell me this isn't magic? 
To feel all of these things is such a blessing and is the only way we can really be our true selves. In order to connect to our highest selves we use these emotions as a tool to heal. Feeling everything openly and honestly is the purest catalyst for growth and a symptom of authenticity. As soon as we allow ourselves to feel everything with acceptance we are expressing our truth. This comes from listening to ourselves, our intuitions, and being our true, authentic selves.
Embodying our truth at any given moment is a superpower. This vulnerability and openness will allow us to heal and to grow beyond our wildest dreams. Because everything we can possibly imagine comes from within us and brings with it certain emotions. When we recognize these emotions we can act on them and pour our energy into them, and as soon as we fuel them with enough attention and energy they will begin to manifest into reality. 
But the only emotions that we can truly energize are the ones we truly believe deep down. The ones that are honest and unaffected by opinions or judgements. The ones that are felt with an open heart, our authentic emotions. And let's be real, these 'true' emotions aren't always rainbows and fairies. Sure it's so beautiful for them to be positive most of the time but emotions come in waves and there will always be those low tides. However, instead of suppressing those lower vibrational emotions (I don't say negative because that would mean they aren't good, and any emotion is good, some are just on a higher vibration than others), it's so incredibly important that we accept them and allow them to flow through us with love and understanding. 

So fuck being positive to please other people
Fuck being happy to keep up appearances
Fuck hiding how we really feel because we think our feelings are 'wrong'
No emotions can possibly be wrong if they are authentic. Authenticity is beautiful and is the closest we can get to perfection in this reality. 
So be you, be deep and whole with authenticity.
Allow your emotions to run through you like a wildfire.
Roar your truth and roar it loud.

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