early morning.


The sun slowly rises, peeking a look into the the new day.
Following in dawn's footsteps, admiring what she has created.
Witnessing the silent calm that the moon brought with her.
The sleepiness that engulfs the surface of the earth.
Birds still weary from their day of chorus.
The tides gently pulling back with the moon.
A gentle wind wraps her cool hands around me as I lie peacefully.
Blissfully unaware of the world around me, yet alive to my surroundings.
My roots plant themselves into the ground beneath my body.
A rush of life flows through me as nutrients are delivered to me through the earth.
The grown of the external world grows stronger with the sun.
Sunlight floods over the earth covering it in liquid gold.
Too soon the moon retreats back below the horizon.
The sun gleams with power and beauty, spreading rays of love to whomever is open to it.
Soft sunlight kissed my bumpy flesh, smoothing it out.
My heart warms as the birds awake.
SInging in a new day, one chorus at a time.
The harmonies from the trees caress my ears, soaking into me.
For a brief moment all is calm and love is embodied within the world.

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