Slowly I've learnt, through suffering and heartache, that healing is a process. It takes time.
Without accepting that you are broken or hurting you cannot begin to heal.
You must bring the darkness to the surface in order to heal it.
This will be scary, painful and emotional, I won't lie.
But what I've learnt from the countless sleepless nights and through all the tears is that by bringing painful things to the surface you can heal and you can awaken parts of you you never knew you had.
Within everyone lays a divinity just waiting to pour out and fill your entire body.
This divinity cradles self love and births a truth only found through a relentless devotion to self love.
Through loving yourself, this energy will pour beyond the confines of your physical form.
It will seep into the souls of those around you and a connection of love will be created.
The healing process, whilst from within yourself, will undoubtedly be affected by others.
For when you are hurting it is nearly impossible to reject all outside influences.
The external energies you allow in will affect this process. 
Surround yourself with love and positivity.
Allow loved ones to hold you in their arms as you cry and help to sew up your wounds
For we only feel alone when we are ashamed of our humanity.
Mother earth's arms are always open as she is willing to reach out and hold you.
In times of suffering she is there to warm your heart and send shivers down your spine.
Her light will illuminate your being if you let it.
Open yourself to her, for she is your universal mother and your best friend.
She can be found within your loved ones too.
All around you are energies radiating positivity.
And by allowing these to soak into you like sunlight on a summer's day, you are allowing yourself to heal.
You are accepting that you are worth the energy and pain it will take to heal.
Because healing your soul will take you closer to awakening your divinity and open your heart to love.

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