jigsaw puzzle.


I have felt like I've hit rock bottom 
And I have floated slightly above it multiple times
But everytime it has allowed me to discover new parts of myself
Like a jigsaw puzzle covered in dust
Before I'm able to piece it together
I must come face to face with the dark, dirty pieces
And clean them off
Blow the dust away to reveal the piece underneath
Only then, after facing this darkness, can I begin to piece myself together 
And heal

Facing these dark pieces of myself isn't always easy
Sometimes I don't even realise what I'm facing until it slaps me in the face
Other times I face it for so long I forget there's a hidden gem underneath
It's messy, dirty and hard
But this is all necessary to completing the puzzle
So never, ever feel like these dark pieces are dragging you further from the light
Because in reality all the darkness is actually bringing you closer to discovering the light
And rediscovering yourself

This kind of intense healing may scare some 
Seeing someone break so many times yet put themselves back together 
Each time stronger than the last
Conjuring up a power within
A power that may be too much for some
But your healing is nothing to apologize for
The rollercoaster of emotions
The breakdowns and the breakthroughs
All an essential part of your healing
And something I will never apologize for
And neither should you.

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