female body.


Your body is beautiful. 
Your body is strong. 
It has carried you through all your ups and all your downs and has stuck by you. Even when you get mad at it, it does not retaliate. It is patient, caring and selfless. 
It looks after you.
You are the purest embodiment of sunlight and the earth. 
Your body is capable of incredible things, even bringing new life into this world. 
Mother earth hand-crafted you to be the extraordinary woman you are right at this very moment.

Cuts and bruises may taint your skin, but that is only the very surface of your body. 
Your body is you and you are your body.
Every roll, curve, stretch mark and scar makes you the beautiful human you are and should be embraced. 
Once you start to appreciate all your perfect imperfections you'll realise how utterly incredible your body is and how no matter what society or the media demands you to look like or to be, you are you and that is enough.

The female body holds the womb to creation. 
We are creation itself. 
We create new life, we create art, we create love. 
We are moved by the moon, controlled by the tides. 
We bleed. 
We love. 
We dance. 
We sing. 
We nurture. 
We create. 
We simply be.
Women's bodies are magic, they are art. Respect them. 

Allow yourself to surrender to the divine feminine strength within. 
Allow your body to heal and to be loved. 
Open your body to love, to respect and to yourself.  

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