self love.


Imagine if everyone fully embodied their divinity and chose to see themselves as a sacred miracle. 
Imagine how pure and full of love this world would be.
We all have the power to manifest our dreams by recognizing the abundance and joy already in our lives.
You are already beautiful and worthy of love, therefore this imaginary world is capable of being a reality as soon as you choose to recognize your beauty and accept all your perfect imperfections. 
Divinity lingers in all living creatures.
It's time to start loving the tiger stripes on your bum,
the extra fat on your belly that makes you extra snuggly,
the scars that remind you you survived,
and all the other beautiful marks and imperfections you once hated.
Water your imperfections until they grow into wildflowers that embody your unique perfections and remind you that this vessel you call your body is a sacred temple that temporarily carries and nurtures your soul.  
Pour love into the wounds of your pasts and break free of the shackles insecurities have on you.
Nurture the light inside of you through forms of self care.
Show yourself how much you love you. Take a bath, go for a run, write, read, dance, swim, be naked out in nature. 
Whatever makes you feel so utterly in love with yourself. Or, if you're not quite there yet, what makes you happy, what truly aligns with your highest self. Because eventually that thing will become your form of self care. And that self care will catalyst self love. 
And please, hear me when I tell you, the deepest and most grand love story you will ever know is that of with yourself.

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