the ego.


Everyone has an ego, we have to accept that. But it's the power we give our ego that defines us. Having an ego isn't bad, in fact the ego's main purpose is to protect us. It keeps us cautious and often out of trouble. However, our society has been built on this ego driven fear. Constructed on top of something so fearful we have lost ourselves. We are using our ego to make decisions. Allowing it to determine our actions when it fact this is not it's job. The intuition is the guide you should be calling upon to make decisions, the ego should simply be the passing thought to ensure you will be safe.
Our collective consciousness has suffered at the hands of fear, ego derived fear. Fear of failure, fear of judgement, fear of missing out, fear of unacceptance. Have you ever been fearful of any of these things? Be honest. The answer is probably yes. And that is completely fine because your ego is there and is bound to be heard sometimes. However, did you allow these questions to drive you, did you allow them the power to change your mind, ignore your inner voice? 
Let me share with you an example to make this easier to understand (hopefully)...
When I started high school I was so excited with the idea of wearing makeup to school, having my hair down, dressing like the "popular" girls. I got so caught up in everything that everyone else would be doing that I forgot to stop and question why I was doing it. For years, I kept up with the latest fashion trends, the newest beauty products, I even kept up with the Kardashians. Until one day (or maybe a little more than a day) I stopped and thought why I was doing all of this. Sure I had convinced myself that it was because it's what I loved to do, but really it all stemmed from a fear of not fitting in, a fear of unacceptance. I wanted so bad for people to see me, like me, accept me. I wanted to fit in. But was all of this really me?
Looking back now I have gained clarity. My actions were driven by fear, not by authenticity, not by love. This fear driven mentality that played a huge role in my life, knowingly or not, didn't only affect me in that one area of my life.
Allowing your ego to drive you doesn't single out one area of your life to target. Nothing is separate, your school life, your social life, your health, your body, all of this is one. And thinking that something only affects one of these areas is simply not true. Everything is connected. 
My ego drove my life for years, without me even knowing it. I guess when everyone around you is doing the same things, it seems "normal". But what I have learnt, through a lot of pain, is that my ego isn't the only voice living inside of me. My intuition was always there, she was just being drowned out by the loudness of my ego.
Recognizing when your ego is overstepping will allow you to unattach yourself from these fears. Let go of beliefs and ideas that do not align with your authentic self, no matter how different that may make you seem. Accept your ego personality will always be living inside of you but move it to the side and make space for your greater soul, the true you. Allowing your intuition to guide you, not your ego. 
Our inner demons were created by your ego. Think about it, your fear drive, your ego, are one and the same. Move forward with love and intuition and you will conquer those demons along the way.  
Together, by healing ourselves, we will heal the world.
Build new foundations based on love, unconditional, infinite love. 
And watch as society shifts and we blossom. Together. 

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