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Product photography and flatlays are so much fun to design and are a great way to get really creative. Once you have mastered a few camera skills it is time to get into props. Props are a vital part in any photograph concerning a product. Without props your photo will look bland and boring. Props are used to create texture, depth, focus, backdrops, interest, mood and more. How? you ask. Well that is what we will be learning in today's post, along with my top 10 affordable props.

1. Dishes and trays

A tray or dish can add depth and focus to a photo if you know how to style it. The photo below shows a dish being used to put focus on a product by rising it and drawing attention to the colour on the otherwise dull dish. 

 via @my_full_house on Instagram Silver blonde | via whitelivingetc:

2. Phone Cases

Most people have a phone case on their phone and often it is something pretty or nice because it is most likely with you 24/7. Even if you don't have a case some phones (in particular iPhones) look really sleek and classy o'natural.  A good case (or phone) can add to an image specifically blogging or tech related because, I say from experience, bloggers and other social media addicts or entrepreneurs are always on their phones!!! Now I'm not saying this is a bad thing I am just being honest.  

 : hey.:

3. Flowers and Plants

Flowers, leaves etc. are my favourite way to add a pop of colour to a photo. Nature is such a beautiful thing so I love to incorporate it in photos whenever I can. A great product to use leaves with is skincare products because they suggest that it is natural and environmentally friendly. This is also a great way to reuse old flowers after they've reached the end of their life and started dying because dead flowers also look beautiful. It's something about the dry, pale petals that just look so stunning. In my opinion any photo is a quadrillion times better with flora. 

Skincare has always played an important part of my daily routine. Cleansing and mosturising are my favourite steps, what are #yourskinhabit ? Get a free treatment from @surfaceskinhabit by sharing your daily skincare products that you use, tag @surfaceskinhabit and hashtag #yourskinhabit: SIMPLE by the pink diary:

4. Magazines

This is a really easy one, magazines. A cute mag, like a Yen or Frankie can make all the difference. This will add more of a busy effect so you must make the focus product very prominent so it is actually the focus. In some photographs however, you don't always want there to be a specific focus. Magazines can make the perfect prop in this situation because it will just add interest and colour.

Fashion and style: Strawberry banana smoothie: FRESH:

5. Blankets or Rugs

In particular fur rugs, they always look so chic and can make a photo look so cozy or so neat. A rug or blanket can make a wonderful backdrop for a Flatlay, however they also look great when used as only half or a small proportion of the backdrop. This will add texture to the photograph.

FEATHER PEN: -photography idea for instagram- A cool & creative flatlay :

6. Make-up Brushes

Especially if it's a beauty related image, brushes can make for a great prop and act as a space filler for a Flatlay. Make-up brushes are perfect for adding detail to a photo without taking away from the main focus of the image or the product.

FlatLay Make-up // Bobbi Brown // Brushes - Yves Saint Laurent.: a few of my favorite things - coffee flat lay:

7. Bralettes 

These gorgeous lace pieces add elegance and class to an image if used correctly. Try not to make the bralette the focus of the image (unless this is the objective). You can do this by ensuring the other objects, or some of them, are larger than the bralette. Another way to style a bralette is to have it just peak in from the side and use the beautiful material to add texture to the backdrop of the image.

The Kelly | Instagram: @meohmygirl: Summer #flatlay // @annahecek:

8. Jewellery 

Jewellery is such a great prop to use in your photos because it easily adds interest and detail to a photo. Some of my favourite types of jewellery to use are small minimalistic rings, long necklaces with a pendent on the end, hoop earrings and Pandora beads. Experiment with how you place the jewellery, be creative. For example; clump the rings together or spread them throughout the photo, have a chain weave through the objects or have it pop out from the edge.

I feel I pin way too much on this board and annoy the hell out of you people.: Flatlay:

Hope you guys enjoyed, also my project is finished so I will be announcing it very soon!

Lots of love, 
 photo af57004b-cd03-41a1-8b90-da1976e70263_zps1eb1u5la.jpg

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